If you wish to get in touch with me with questions about anything,
suggestions/requests for my blog, or even if you just want to talk,
please don’t be afraid to reach out.  I’ll even do my best to answer
if you’re looking for advice or want to know more about me
or my family.  (I won’t disclose real names or locations.)

To send me a message, fill out the form below:

Below is a list of places other than this website where you can find me:


If you want to find me on Twitter…
You can follow @CaffNutcase on Twitter,
or click here to view the Caffeinated Nutcase tweets.
I usually see mentions and replies, but I won’t typically read private messages on Twitter,
because in the past, a lot of messages I’ve received there were from robot accounts.  

If you want to find me on Tumblr…
You can follow @caffeinatednutcase on Tumblr,
or click here to view the Caffeinated Nutcase blog on Tumblr.
I check Tumblr notifications somewhat regularly, and I respond to asks as soon as I can.

If you want to find me on Pinterest…
Just for fun, I do have an account on Pinterest, where I mostly just re-pin other people’s posts.
If you really want to get into that mess, click here to view my Pinterest boards.
I follow back on Pinterest, but I don’t check my messages on that site at all, because it’s hard to
sort through a sea of spam messages, click-bait, and potential viruses.  

If you want to find me on Facebook…
I don’t use Facebook as much, but you can find me on under the name Rhia Coffey,
or click here to view the Caffeinated Nutcase page on Facebook.
Facebook is not the most efficient way to get in contact with me,
but I will try to respond to messages or requests.

If you want to find me on Instragram, Reddit, etc… 
You can’t.  I’m sorry.  I really am.
Maintaining the above listed accounts uses up enough of my spoons as it is, so for right now, that’s it.
I’ll let you know if anything changes.


As I said, I will try to answer any messages as soon as I can.
I’ll even answer questions about mental health to the best of my ability, upon request.
However, if you feel you are in need of professional help, I would strongly recommend you find another resource, as I am not a professional.  I’ve compiled a list of resources, which is on the
Mental Health Resources page.

If you are having a mental or physical health emergency, please call your local emergency number
(usually 911 if you’re in the U.S. or Cananda).



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