Hi! I’m Rhia, AKA the Caffeinated Nutcase.

 I’m a work-from-home mom with mental illnesses, a creative mind, and a caffeine addiction.
This website is fueled by a mixture of 15% creativity and 85% coffee.

About Me

You can call me Rhia.  In case it wasn’t clear, by my referring to myself as a caffeinated nutcase, I really like caffeine.  I pretty much live on it, and it’s probably an addiction.  I like to drink coffee, dance, write, crochet, knit, and learn.  I find learning exciting, and personally believe it’s a thing that can and should occur at all ages, not just in school.
One of the things I’ve recently taken to learning about is neurodiversity and mental illnesses, especially the ones I have.

My diagnoses are Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar II Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Motherhood.  (Okay, I guess “motherhood” isn’t technically an “illness” per se, but it seems to affect my mental state nearly as much!)
The Anxiety disorder is the one I was formally diagnosed with as a child.  The others went undiagnosed until more recently, mainly because I didn’t go to the doctor much until I had a reason (when I became pregnant).

I currently live in a small apartment with my family.
I’ve done my time working in awful retail and food service jobs, and one county-run DHS job.
I remember those jobs well, so you may occasionally see me posting some customer service humor.  My job now is as a work-from-home mom; my primary duties are to take care of the baby and the home, and my secondary work is freelance writing, and now running this blog.

Another thing I enjoy is crocheting.  I like crocheting so much because not only is it a fun way to be creative away from the keyboard, but it’s also easy to do while focusing on something else (in fact, I sometimes use it as a stim).

I keep everything in my life going by drinking lots and lots of coffee.

About my Family 

My family includes my son (Ben),
my husband (Jonathan),
and our fat fluffy feline (Sammie).

Jonathan is the primary breadwinner of the family.  I help out when I can by doing some freelance writing online, because as you may know, it’s hard to be a single-income family in the 21st century.  I began my stay-at-home life after Ben was born, because daycare is just too expensive to justify working outside of the home.  However, I (usually) don’t resent this lifestyle.  In fact, I’m grateful that I get the opportunity to spend so much time with Ben and see him grow and learn every day.

Jonathan is also Bipolar and has Asperger’s Syndrome, too, which means, luckily for me, that he usually understands what I’m going through.  In addition to those, he has ADHD.
He also relies caffeine, sometimes even more than I do.

Little Ben is currently too young
to be embarrassed by us.
We’re far from perfect parents,
but we’re doing the best we can.

About this Website

I truly enjoy writing.  As I said above, I do some freelance writing to make a little bit of extra money.  However, as glamorous as it sounds, freelance writing can be mind-numbing, as most clients are looking for dry, boring, technical writing, and it’s in general not as much fun to write what someone else wants as it is to write what I want.  That’s part of the reason I decided to start a personal blog.

The other reason is that it’s nice to have a place to anonymously vent and discuss issues such as the difficulties of parenting while suffering a mental illness, because there aren’t many people in my life who are willing to listen, or who even believe I have the illnesses I say I do
(even though I have official diagnoses from professionals).
In addition, I’m hoping that anyone who finds this site who is going through anything similar can read my blog knowing they’re not alone, and maybe even feel safe to talk to me, because I know how difficult it is to feel invalidated by your IRL peers.  Anyone is welcome to either communicate with me in the comments sections on my blog posts, or find another way to connect on my contact page.

One other thing about this site:
As I said before, I really like to crochet.
Unfortunately, there are two problems with enjoying crocheting so much:
1: I end up with crocheted items all over the place, and after giving things to family and friends a few times, they get tired of it, and there’s no way I can use all this stuff.
2: In order to keep doing it, I have to buy more yarn, which costs money.
The only sensible thing to do to support my crocheting habit was to start selling the stuff.  I first started putting the stuff in an Etsy store, and I’ve recently found that I can post and sell the items via WordPress, so I’ve posted them in the Caffeinated Crochet tab.
The other benefit of selling my crafts is that it allows me to do something that isn’t as easy to do otherwise: donate to charities I care about.  When any of my crocheted products are purchased, 50% of the profits will be donated–half to the Autism Self-Advocacy Network, and half to the Trevor Project.

If you can’t find anything that interest you in the Caffeinated Crochet shop, but you still want to help me support my family and keep this blog up and running, please consider donating.

Jonathan helps me out when I have technical issues with this site, because he’s much more computer-smart than I am.  I might be able to convince him to occasionally write some posts for the blog, so that his perspective is included.

Yes, this page includes a lot of information from my first blog post.
That was intentional; this page is somewhat of an expanded explanation.
The blog post is still there, and I’d love it if you’d leave a comment on it telling me a bit about yourself so I can get to know the people reading my blog.  🙂
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If you want to connect with me directly, find out how on the contact page.

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All posts are my own work unless otherwise specified.
In order to protect the privacy of my family, I am writing under a pseudonym.
I have also used fake names for my husband and son and everyone else who may be mentioned here.
However, all the stories are real. 


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