Hi! I’m Rhia, AKA the Caffeinated Nutcase.

 I’m a work-from-home mom with mental illnesses, a creative mind, and a caffeine addiction.
This website is fueled by a mixture of 15% creativity and 85% coffee.

About this website

In my blog, Confessions of a Caffeinated Nutcase,
I write mostly about life as a mom dealing with
Anxiety, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Bipolar Disorder.
This site is an outlet for me to anonymously talk about those personal things,
such as mental illnesses and parenting difficulties,
that I can’t talk openly about with my real-life friends and extended family.

Because I have a passion for crocheting,
on this site, you will also find some of the things I
hand-crocheted and have posted for sale.
50% of the profits will be donated to charities I care about.
This is my way of being able to afford helping the community.
To learn more, click on the Caffeinated Crochet tab.

To read more about my family and me, you can read my first blog post by clicking here.

If you want to connect with me directly, find out how on the contact page.

To donate to help keep this blog running, click here.

All posts are my own work unless otherwise specified.
In order to protect the privacy of my family, I am writing under a pseudonym.
I have also used fake names for my husband and son and everyone else who may be mentioned here.
However, all the stories are real. 


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